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Help us keep you informed by sending us your info and news releases to Dave Easter

Last year, over 150 teams from across the globe competed in the 10 day event hosted in Kitchener, Ontario.

Though this is the off season for inline hockey, there is still much happening with the adminstration of inline hockey across Canada.

We want to keep you informed. And the internet has provided us with the tool to do that.

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CHIA is please to announce that Nexed (division of V-Formation) has become title sponsor of our FUN First Program. This new program initiative is targeted directly at the house league players and teams. We would like to thank Tammy Webster, from the Kitchener-Waterloo Inline Program who suggested a team rating system to help promote good sportsmanship, respect, and participation.

Discussions with Andy Rymsha, Eastern VP of Nexed and former Team Canada National Inline player and part of the World Championship 1998 team, provided CHIA with positive feedback on the initial draft proposal. The final program was presented to Nexed CEO Rich Stelnick, who approved the program on the spot.

Nexed has committed substantial product to be allocated across Canada to participating leagues of the FUN First Program. It is important our member leagues help promote the concept of the FUN First program. Helmet stickers, rink banners, posters and promotional brochures will be provided as part of the overall program.

Introduction to FUN First Program!

  • A Players first experience with inline hockey (like any sport) is crucial to his development as a player and more importantly as a person. The long-term success of a program or league relies on the positive experience of this player, so he continues to participate at the appropriate level.

  • If a beginner has fun and develops some basic skills and builds self-confidence, there is a good chance that this player will enjoy the game of inline hockey for many years if not a life- time. Look at the success of Adult Recreational hockey today in North America, where adults of all ages are still enjoying the game of hockey!

  • The goal of the Canadian Hockey Inline Association (CHIA), is to offer every youngster who wants to enjoy the game of inline hockey (regardless of his skill level), the opportunity to participate through support of his community leagues.

"What Children Learn First, They Learn Best"

Objectives of FUN First Program:

  • Provide opportunity for players to participate in a safe, sportsmanlike environment without any emphasis on the score or stats.

  • Continue to promote the FUN First Program to all CHIA member leagues.

  • Introduce parents, media and community leaders to the FUN First Program.

  • To ensure that parents and family have an enjoyable experience at their local inline arena.

  • To Have FUN!

Inline Hockey…. Just another Form of Hockey!

  • In many cases across Canada today, inline skating is a child's first skating experience, because most kids will inline skate before ice-skate.

  • Learning to inline skate is much easier than learning to ice-skate. Inline skating can be practiced at school yards, parking lots, driveways and streets under an environment that is not structured nor intimidating.

  • Hockey comes in all different forms:

    • Boys minor hockey

    • Girls minor hockey

    • Junior hockey

    • International hockey

    • NHL

    • European hockey


  • The basic skills are the same no matter what form of hockey you play, but it is the "personality" or "culture" of the game that distinguishes each of these forms apart from one another.

  • It is the Inline Hockey "Personality & Culture" that we at CHIA want our member leagues to promote and embrace for our players, coaches and parents.

The Pond Hockey Parallel with Inline Hockey

  • Whenever you hear the many NHL "superstars" talk about their beginnings in hockey, it is rarely about all the travel hockey, tournaments, stats, and wins/losses.

  • The common denominator with all of these players is the fun of learning to play and enjoy the game of hockey on an outdoor pond.

  • It was a pond where you played with your school friends and neighborhood friends of all different ages and skill levels. Where creativity was practiced and encouraged and scoring stats were never recorded!

  • The winners were determined by the last goal before heading home for lunch or supper.

  • These pond days have almost disappeared across Canada, due to climate changes, development of other minor sports and increased number of extra-curricular opportunities for kids and other societal dynamics. Pond Hockey has now been replaced by organized, structured "play" for our children, with more rules, regulations, by-laws and restrictions than we could have ever imagined.

  • These rules, regulations and by-laws now restrict our children from playing with friends and schoolmates more often than not. Politics now dictate every community with a rink and contributes to diminishing enrolment for minor sports!

  • Inline Hockey is the new millennium's answer to pond hockey. The game provides opportunity for creativity and skill development, without intimidation and aggression.

  • CHIA has the basic "Principle" that we will promote and encourage to all our member leagues …… "operate with common sense management". Do not prohibit players from playing with friends, just because they have different skill levels.

  • CHIA will encourage leagues to operate without emphasis on scoring stats.

  • CHIA through the FUN First Program, will encourage and promote a game that players and teams are rewarded for positive life skills being practiced during participation of inline hockey, such as … sportsmanship, respect, compassion, loyalty, and a sense of community spirit.

"Lessons Will be Remembered Long After Scores are Forgotten"

Dynamics of the FUN First Program

  • FUN First Program is a Team Award program.

  • Teams must be members of CHIA through a sanctioned inline hockey league.

  • The FUN First Program is a partnership with players, coaches, officials, league convenors, title sponsor and CHIA.

  • Teams are awarded points after each game or competition by coaches, referees and league convenors.

  • The FUN First Program is only available for House League Teams.

  • CHIA and the title sponsor will provide information brochure for parents and players.


Five Principles:

  1. Respect the rules of inline hockey.

  2. Respect the officials and their decisions

  3. Respect your opponent

  4. Ensure equal opportunity for everyone to participate

  5. Maintain self-control at all times

Who awards Fair Play Points?

Four ratings should occur after each game.

  1. coaches will rate their opponent

  2. coaches will rate each official

  3. officials will rate each team

  4. convenors will rate each team, official, and coach

Total Points collected will be averaged to determine weekly score.

How will Fair Play Points be used? (within your home center the following are some options that you may want to consider)

  • If a team has negative fair play points before playoffs, that team may be removed from the league and further play.

  • Fair Play points will be used as a tiebreaker in the playoff standings. A team with higher fair play points will receive a higher ranking than a team with lower fair play points.

Guidelines for Awarding FUN First Points

+4 Excellent
  • Excellent team sportsmanship

  • Maintains outstanding attitude towards opponents and officials

  • Entire team exhibits self control at all times

  • Entire team shakes hands at the end of game

  • No major penalties

  • 1 or less minor penalty

  • No more than two players absent for game

+2 Good
  • Good team sportsmanship

  • Maintains good attitude towards opponents and officials

  • Entire team exhibits self control most of the time

  • Part team shakes hands at the end of the game

  • No major penalties

  • 2 or less minor penalties

  • No more than 3 players absent for game

0 Average
  • Average team sportsmanship

  • Negative attitude is limited to individuals

  • Lack of self control is limited to individuals

  • no major penalty

  • 3-4 minor penalties

  • No more than 4 players absent for game

-2 Poor
  • Poor team sportsmanship such as arguing with officials

  • Lack of respect shown towards opponents

  • Use of vulgar or profane language

  • Half of team shows lack of self control

  • 1 major penalty

  • 5-6 minor penalties

  • No more than 5 players absent for game

-4 Terrible
  • Terrible team sportsmanship

  • Repeated arguing with officials

  • Lack of respect by team shown to opponents

  • Continued use of vulgar and profane language

  • Entire team shows lack of self control

  • Entire team does not shake hands at end of game

  • 2 or more major penalties

  • 7 or more minor penalties

  • Less than half the team is absent for game

CHIA will keep our members updated on the FUN First Program and how you can become involved and seize the opportunity to adopt this program for your own league.

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